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The First Sunday of Advent

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Walking Together in Advent:  Women Reconciliation and the Synod

 Saturday 16 December, following 12.15 Mass – 4.00  p.m, in the Ogilvie Centre

Mary the Mother of Jesus and voices from the Synod

Recently a small group from St Aloysius, Alison Fletcher, Anne Walker and Fr Gerard Mitchell,  attended a gathering of representatives from all the Jesuit parishes in the Province at Stonyhurst.

The purpose of the gathering was to share our experiences of the Synod so far- to discuss how we came together as individual parishes, to pray, to discern, and to listen.

The Synod which met in Rome in October invites us to deepen our appreciation of the role and mission of women.  The great central Christian attitude of listening to the Word of God and doing it – attentiveness and practicality -is exemplified by Mary the Mother of Jesus.

Having considered the journey so far, and as we enter the next phase of the Synod, we invite you to a Synod gathering here in St Aloysius on 16 December in the Ogilvie Centre.

Women, Reconciliation and the Synod is an invitation to all in our community  to contemplate some of the Women of the New Testament, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Elizabeth, Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalen.  Their attitude as women, their immediacy, their practicality, their joy in the presence of the Lord and in their response to his words are seen as central to all reconciliation, to all community involvement and to all practical action in favour of the poor and the marginalised.

All are welcome.  A light lunch will be provided.  Please do join us.

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