St Beuno's Outreach Weekly Reflection

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

‘Take nothing for the journey except a staff’

Our readings this week invite us to reflect on the wonder of being chosen to be part of God’s plan.

In the First Reading, we hear how Amos, a shepherd, responds to God’s call to bear witness. Despite not being welcomed, he stands his ground, knowing that he has been given his mission by the Lord.

The Psalmist, giving thanks for the blessings his people have received, rejoices in the peace, justice, mercy, faithfulness and prosperity that God gives to those who trust in him.

In the Second Reading, St Paul explains to the Ephesians how we have always been a part of God’s plan. Because of the grace and blessings showered upon us, we have been freed from our sins and become adopted children of God.

Mark’s Gospel relates how Jesus sends out his disciples to teach his message of love and forgiveness. Carrying nothing but a staff, they are to trust that they will find welcome and hospitality in many places, and stay undeterred by the rejection they will find elsewhere.

This week we pray for the wisdom and insight to recognise the call of the Lord in our own lives. However ill-equipped we might feel, we ask for the courage and strength to step out, safe in the knowledge that we are never alone, and that God will provide for us. 

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