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18th -24th September 2020



This week:

Friday 18th September Feria

Saturday 19th September Feria

Sunday 20th September 25th Sunday of Year

Monday 21st September St Matthew

(Evangelist & Apostle)

Tuesday 22nd September Feria

Wednesday 23rd September St Padre Pio

(20th Century Franciscan priest: Confessor and mystic )

Thursday 24th September Feria


 We do not know where the Gospel of Matthew was written, although it was probably composed around 80-85 AD. Because it is written in Greek, the author must have been in a city large enough to have a Greek-speaking population and a substantial Jewish community, some members of which were followers of Jesus. Antioch in northern Syria, is the location most often put forward, though without much supporting evidence. Matthew’s city might have been in Galilee or in an area close to Galilee (Transjordan, the Mediterranean coast or southern Syria). Any city within or close to Israel is a likely location for Matthew and for his opponents, the early rabbis, who were based in Galilee.

This location fits the narrative about Jesus too. Matthew places Jesus’ home in Capernaum (Matthew 4:13) and most of his work in Galilee (Matthew 4–18). Good-sized cities, such as Sepphoris and Tiberias on the west coast of the Sea of Galilee, or even Capernaum and Bethsaida, had both Jewish and gentile Greek-speakers, as well as the social resources to educate and support leaders and writers like the author of Matthew. And if not Galilee, one of the surrounding cities with a Jewish community, such as Caesarea on the coast or Tyre in Lebanon would fit the social setting as described in Matthew’s gospel. Galilee and its neighbours, with their complex and cosmopolitan society and tightly-woven cultural and commercial networks, could easily have supported the growing Christian-Jewish movements.

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We welcome a number of Jesuits to the community in these weeks. Staying with us for a few months is Fr David Stewart SJ, originally from the west of Scotland, who is on sabbatical before he takes up a new mission in Edinburgh. Joining us for a longer-term appointment to the Jesuit community in Glasgow will be Brother Rene De los Reyes SJ who has just completed a Masters in Ecology & Ethics in London.


The Catholic Global Climate Movement is having a meeting about Laudato Si on Saturday 19th September at 12 noon in the square beside St Mungo’s Museum of Religion. Readings from Laudato Si with a procession to George Square. All welcome.


Temporary Timetable

Monday - Saturday

Mass at 12.15 pm

 (Church opens at 11.45am
Confessions available 11.45-12.10pm
Church closes at 1.00pm)


Mass at 8.00 & 9.30am

(Church opens at 7.30am,
Confessions available before each mass
Church closed for cleaning 8.30-9am)

Further information on Facebook or

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