A warm welcome from our Parish Priest Fr Dermot Preston SJ

From Fr Dermot

January 2021

 Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

May the blessings of the Baptism of the Lord be with you all!  I am deeply grateful for the wonderful help that you have been in this last year – almost everybody has been patient – thank you! – and despite the constraints, it is reassuring that one can still detect a smile in the eyes above the masks!

In the Church itself we have been fortunate to have had generous help for the stewarding, admin, reception & cleaning in-&-around the Church – thank you! It has kept Aloysius a safe place for people to pray, worship & celebrate the sacraments as we have travelled along the twists-&-turns of this Covid road together. 

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Welcome to the website of St Aloysius Church, the Jesuit parish on Garnethill in the very heart of the Scottish city of Glasgow!

St Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, would describe the pilgrim’s task as trying to Find God in All Things, and he was conscious that the human being comes close to a near-infinite number of avenues to enter and discover that encounter with God.

We can sleepwalk past many such natural gateways every day in the world around us; but they do exist and they are accessible both through our external senses and through the delicate interior movements of our hearts and minds as they encounter the Holy Spirit who broods therein.

The Spirit can also be seen at work through windows created by human endeavour – through art and music, literature, sport, exploration, science and ingenuity – and like the Book of Creation all these hold the potential to bless and grace us.

This website is a tiny virtual portal created by human endeavour which tries to give you a glimpse of the Holy Spirit at work in the traditions of the Catholic Church and the prayer of the Jesuits as they have engaged with Scotland and the city of Glasgow over many years.

We hope that during your visit you find something to engage your mind or heart and ushers you gently into the presence God.

May God bless you!

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Daily Masses During the Pandemic

No masses while we are in Tier 4 lockdown

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