Mass Timetable

Saturday Vigil Mass

5.00 pm

Sunday Mass

10.00 am

 12 Noon

9.00 pm

(Church opens for registrations and confessions 30 minutes before each Mass)

Daily Mass Monday to Friday

8.00 am
12.15 pm

(Church opens for private prayer 7.30 am - 12.45 pm)

Daily Mass Saturday

12.15 pm

(Church opens for private prayer 10.00 am to 12.45 pm)

A few practical points for visitors:
  • Please use a face-covering (a scarf or a mask) when you are inside the Church building.
  • Hand-sanitiser will be provided on entering & leaving the church,
  • The side-chapels, the Ogilvie Shrine, the Confessional rooms and the front benches will be cordoned off.
  • The toilets will remain closed until further notice.
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Help Required

A big thank-you to everyone who has come back to daily Mass in such numbers. Despite the necessary health precautions it has been a delight to witness such prayerfulness, reverence and devotion.  It is also wonderful for St Aloysius to resume the ministry of Reconciliation through daily confessions.  A very special thank-you to all our stewards, readers and cleaning volunteers and organists.  We could not open without your assistance and owe you deep gratitude.

On a few occasions, the Jesuits have had to steward and clean the Church and this prevents them sometimes from hearing confessions and responding to wider pastoral responsibilities.  We would very much like to expand our cohort of volunteers.  If you are in good health and would appreciate the opportunity to attend one of our Masses, whilst offering some time to register, steward and clean the Church after Mass it would be deeply appreciated.

If you can spare some of your time for this essential ministry please contact:

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